Spinning to Victory: Unique Medals Unveiled for FIG World Trampoline Championships 2023!


September 28, 2023



The excitement for the upcoming FIG World Trampoline Championships 2023 reached new heights today when the distinctive medals that will be awarded to the world’s top trampoline gymnasts were revealed.

With their one-of-a-kind design and mesmerising spinning feature, these medals are set to become coveted prizes in the world of trampoline gymnastics.

The highlight of these exceptional medals is their inner section, which rotates, setting them apart from traditional designs. This dynamic element not only adds a visual spectacle but also symbolises the dynamic and acrobatic nature of trampoline gymnastics.

In a thrilling preview event, the medals were shown to several athletes who are preparing to compete at the FIG World Trampoline Gymnastics Championships. Their reactions were nothing short of ecstatic, with each expressing their desire to take one home.

With over 1,000 gymnasts representing more than 40 countries, the 2023 World Trampoline Championships promise eight days of exhilarating competition. From November 9th to 19th, the world’s best will compete in Birmingham, all in pursuit of the spinning medals that await the champions.

Tickets are now available. Prices start at just £20 for adults and £10 for those under 16.

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